Arcade Cabinet – Introduction & Design

This is the introduction to building your own full-size, 4-player Arcade Machine. In here you will find everything you need to start building your own. In this part, we will decide over the design of the cabinet, what special effects, controls, TV, artwork and much more. This is a very large project and I recommend […]

Virtual Pinball – Building the Cabinet

In this part of the Virtual Pinball guide, I will cover the build of the cabinet and control panel. This includes assembling the cabinet and backbox, painting the panels, mounting the legs. prepare holes for: the controls, speakers, DMD Screen, backglass monitor, Special effects… as well as the installation of the plunger, buttons, power switch, […]

Virtual Pinball – Introduction & Design

This is the introduction to building your own Virtual pinball table. In here you will find everything you need to start building with all the items I bought for my build. There are other alternatives available but my guides will use the items described here. This part includes cabinet designs, special effects, information on the […]

Barcade Arcade stand with storage space

In this guide, I will build a matching stand for the Bartop Arcade Cabinet I built earlier. This way it can be used as a regular stand-up arcade machine, also while I’m at it. I will add a storage compartment, LED strips, indoor lighting, and a coin door. The storage will be used to store all my […]

View your Anran Cameras&DVR in Homekit

In this guide, I will add 4 “Anran” camera’s to Homebridge/Homekit. The stream format from the cameras is not directly supported in Homekit so the incoming stream has to be converted into an mp4 stream. Homebridge will also automatically take still images to show in the Homekit dashboard so you can see the current state without starting […]

Homebridge on Raspberry Pi using Docker

Homebridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API. It supports Plugins that provide a basic bridge from HomeKit to various 3rd-party “smart home” devices. This guide will cover the installation of Homebridge on raspberry pi using Docker. 

Delete Xcode Derived Data from Mac Spotlight

Sometimes Xcode can get in an odd state, and in most cases cleaning your derived data folder has the highest success rate to any Xcode related problems. Depending on your Xcode version this solution may be required a lot and his handy tool will allow you to quickly clear derived data by opening an app […]

iOS AppLovin Revenue Viewer (Discontinued)

Applovin Revenue Viewer was created to monitor all Applovin revenue on your iPhone or iPad. The app showed detailed information on your performances over many different time intervals, came with a widget for quick access to your income and much more. The app was available in 2015-2016 but was eventually discontinued after some large updates […]