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  1. yes you can, freestyler DMX has it’s own app which lets you control the whole program with your tablet or phone

    • thanks, I need a Pc connect with interface or I can use WiFi only with the tablet

      • there are different options available,
        -run a “server” pc that does all the DMX sending, control pc with tablet
        -have a artNET DMX interface connected to your ethernet of wifi, i’m pretty sure that there are apps available for use with artNET.

  2. You did not try to connect your device THROUGH a router with usb port and transmit dmx by artnet

    • i did not try but is a great idea, should be possible with the DDWRT firmware on your router and some artnet->dmx software.

      • hi I find two software one is Luminair this work with ipad and iphone the another is art net r06, this work with android tablets.
        The last software you two version one lite is free the another is only 6 dollars.
        I don’t try yet, I need buy the router and make your device.

  3. Hi Steven, earlier this year I came across this site looking for DMX options, and found the USD DMX DIY page, turns out I had the right board, but the wrong chip, so I paid a guy to mod the chip for me using the 2 pin thing. Everything seemed fine, but then random dropouts started, sometimes it would transmit for 5 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, but always the same thing, I would have to unplug and restart freestyler. after a few months of this I figured it was time to order another board but being from South Africa it is not as simple. Anyway, long story short, I brought the board back from work and figure I would try to figure something out, then I stumbled on a post in a forum from 1 of the hundreds of people with the same problem, and he suggested using an old usb 1 pc powered usb hub. so I have been testing that for the last 4 + hours with no drop out. tomorrow I will test it on my DMX laptop to confirm (bare in mind that I had the same drop outs in dmx using my pc), and finally tomorrow night using actual lights. I will post again to confirm results. Figured I would share. the serial number is A50285BI so you know its super fake!
    thank you for putting up the DIY info and fixes!

      • So I did a test last night using 1 LED par can ran none stop for 2and a half hours, till I left, only issue i had was the occasional flicker, but I think that is something to do with the can I used, tonight I test on the full rig, 5 LED Cans, 4 mini headbangers and a mini wash. will let you know results. One thing to add, I am using the latest drivers and the latest freestyler.

            • Right, its been a while, but something strange happened last night. after the damage was repaired, i tried again, and had the usual random drop outs, so then i cover my enclosure with insulation tape, because i read that the board suffers from electrical interference..and still…no change..now here is the weird part..last night i plugged into a different usb port (still using the usb1 hub), I had been switching around but it seems i never used that port, also i put the dmx dongle behind my screen..I ran for 9 hours with no drop out..no glitches..nothing, programmed a scene, even used sound to light for about 2 hours…:)…dont know how this is possible, but it worked…so tonight i shall see if it is a fluke or not, and also take a picture of the position..

              • quick update, I gave up on the original board, and waited for a local seller to have stock, strangely enough the ftdi chip had no branding on it, so I was nervous, tried ft_prog to see if i could write to it, and I could, and this weekend was the first time where I had no drop outs or signal loss…IT WORKS!!!!!!! Thank you again!!

                • hmm, this could be a genuine ftdi chip or some kind of fixed fake chip… either way, great to hear.

  4. Hello Steven,
    thanks for your nice website.
    Perhaps you are my last chance. 😀

    I have 10 DMX RGBW controller to make a PWR signal for my LED spots. I need to connect all of them serial from room to room in my house.
    When I connect only one of them to my DMX sender, it works perfectly. But when I begin to connect the second one, the LEDs are not stabile and they started to flash time by time.
    I opend one of the controller and saw the two chips for the Dmx in- and output.
    It is the same like this on your website.
    Do you have some idea to modifie them, that they will work?

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.


    • Since it is working for a single light. your dmx controller is ok. the problem Is probably with your cabling. how long are the cables from the chip to the female connector? I recommend twisting them to. Then are you using a DMX terminator? this is recommended to keep the signal clear over longer distances and prevent ghosting.. can you try adding a DMX terminator to your chain aswel and try again?

      • Hey. Thanks for your answer. I used cat 7 cable. A twistes pair for the dmx + and – and for the GND another one from another pair. I think the max length is 50m in my house. But the problem is after about 10m. I use a Resistor to terminate the bus. I borrowed another DMX RGBW module for testing, It works. But the cheep test module has not the two chips for DMX in and out.

        • Hi, cat 7 is perfect and using a twisted pair for the data lines is also a great choice. I personally tested with cheap and more expensive lights, all seemed to work but I check if the receiver has 2 separated chips or one combined. Maybe the one with two chips will read in the signal and generate a completely new signal from the second chip that is amplified again. can you try hooking up the light with two chips as first in the chain and then hook up your ‘cheaper’ lights, maybe the signal is just not strong enough from the RS485 adapter?

          • Hey. Thanks for your tip. I’m going to try it next week. Perhaps it is possible to bridge the chips? Than can it not create a new dmx signal.

            • You could check the chip inside your fixture if there is any component added to amplify the signal. I think the signal is correct but just needs to amplified to reach the end of the chain

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