7 thoughts on “DIY DMX

  1. yes you can, freestyler DMX has it’s own app which lets you control the whole program with your tablet or phone

    • thanks, I need a Pc connect with interface or I can use WiFi only with the tablet

      • there are different options available,
        -run a “server” pc that does all the DMX sending, control pc with tablet
        -have a artNET DMX interface connected to your ethernet of wifi, i’m pretty sure that there are apps available for use with artNET.

  2. You did not try to connect your device THROUGH a router with usb port and transmit dmx by artnet

    • i did not try but is a great idea, should be possible with the DDWRT firmware on your router and some artnet->dmx software.

      • hi I find two software one is Luminair this work with ipad and iphone the another is art net r06, this work with android tablets.
        The last software you two version one lite is free the another is only 6 dollars.
        I don’t try yet, I need buy the router and make your device.

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