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  1. i want to use the ix4 as a webserver with multiple host names, is it possible just to install apache php and mysql without interfering the management interface, is it possible to change the port of the management interface?

  2. Hi Steven, I would like to turn my Lenovo NAS into a network security camera server – something only the expensive NAS options have. Perhaps using Zoneminder? Think this would be possible?

  3. Hi Steven. I’m writting to you, hoping find information, if you know it, about how to recover data loss on this NAS, because i’ve applied wrongfully the “quick factory reset”, and all the information stored on the RAID arrange is unaccesible now, like years of familiar photos, old jobs, in general, very valuable material, which has no backups of any kind.

    I know that exists specialized forensic services that do this jobs, unfortunately, at prices that i can’t pay for it, so i was asking myself if there is a way to, first, check the availability of that data, and, second, try to recover it, using the existing programs under the ssh access to the NAS.

    Any guide, suggest, or idea will be precious, because until now, i’ve tried installing the testdisk suite on the directory tmp of the NAS, without posibility of execute the binary program with success.

    I imagine that the data still physically remains on the disks, but when i’ve performed the “quick factory reset”, this ran a high level format of the disks, creating a new RAID arrange (in my case, i was using RAID0), making impossible the access to the information.

    I will aprecciate any help that you could bring, because i have been searching on the internet for one month, and fortunately found your site, that is only that gives good information on hacking the ix4-300d, and now, thanks to you, i know how the structure of the RAID arrange of the NAS, the LVM presents, and other relevant information, but at this point, i’m stucked, and i don’t know how continue on this process, or if this is possible.

    Best regards to you, and thanks for share any information on this issue.

  4. Hi Steven,

    I’ve recently get an ix4-300d and I would love to transform it in a media server with plex, BUT, I’m a newbie in linux and I don’t know how I can do that, have you some clue how I can do it ? Sorry for my bad english :/

    • It’s quite dangerous modifying your nas, i recommend at least a linux basis knowledge before starting. however all guides are on this website you should start with “enable ssh access” and continue from there

      • Thanks for your reply, i’ve already enable SSH access, installed gzip and other stuff like that. I’m following a tuto to install FFP and then plexmediaserver via slacker (tuto is for iomega ix4-300d but should work for the lenovo brand)

  5. I have and I’m trying to install 4.1.312.34560, but I keep getting “The software could not be updated.” after I click ‘Version 4.1.312.34560 is ready to apply’. Any ideas?

    • not sure why, i currently don’t have the NAS on me but you could try updating from USB… !!!!! this will most likely wipe the device !!!

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