simple XBOX 360 Transparant LED casemod

The first generation Xbox 360’s are great for case modding, I did a mod in the past but now I decided to mod another Xbox and this is my guide covering the installation of a transparent side window and some RGB lighting. The mod is very easy but you will need a special tool to open […]

Customize your IX4-300D’s LCD Screen

This guide will show you how to Customize the LCD screen of your IX4-300d, this is just a starting guide to show some extra useful information on your LCD, but anyone can build custom scripts and images to change the LCD with more useful information!! We will need to use BMP images here as I didn’t find a […]

Add new script services to your IX4-300d NAS

This guide will allow you to Customize your IX4-300d NAS even more by adding your own scripted startup services! This way you can install any server that’s working on ARM devices and make them run whenever you start or reboot your NAS. Couchpotato, Transmission, Minecraft are just a few of the possibilities.

DIY Violet/Blue Laser Module

For a few years now, (cheap)Laserpens with a power of more than 5mW may not be sold anymore, however  you can stil buy a very powerful lasermodule for a few bucks. The only problem is that you will have to build your own case to make it “hand-held”, in this guide i used a 200mW […]

Silence your Lenovo IX4-300D’s Fans

The IX4’s fans are quite loud and always spinning the same speed whatever the temperature may be inside your NAS. In this guide, I will lower the fan speed and quieten your NAS. Make sure to test these settings thoroughly before applying them as setting the speed to low may cause your NAS to overheat during long operations.

Android DD-WRT Reboot Widget

DD-WRT Reboot Widget for Android, a quick&easy reboot solution for your DD-WRT Router. This DD-WRT reboot widget will send the reboot command to your DD-WRT router over SSH.This can be useful for when your internet suddenly disconnects. (This tool can generally be used to reboot any Linux installation with SSH)

Android – Wifi ADB Connect Tool for Mac

Android – Wifi ADB Connect is an easy GUI for the Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) binary. The app allows for quick connect, disconnect or reconnect ADB server enabled Android devices. The app holds a list of recent history for faster reconnecting a device you were using in the past. The automatic ADB binary detection […]

PS3 Update your CFW Playstation

There are different reasons why you would want to upgrade, your current version is to old and newer games won’t launch anymore, you can’t play online anymore since Sony requires a higher firmware… or you are just not satisfied with your current setup… all are good reasons to upgrade but you don’t want to lose any […]