This is currently a project in progress, the guides will get updated over time.
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This arcade project is a modern approach to the retro arcade cabinets, as I’m building the arcade system myself I’ll have full control over how many players or what ‘features’ it will have. Everyone with a basic woodwork skill, average PC skills and an admiration for arcade and retro gaming can build one themselves.

(not actual build)

Available Features (avg Pricing):

  • Player arcade cabinet
    • Paint
    • Wood
    • Drills/Dremels
    • Special CNC
    • T-Strip
  • Player Controls (100$ per player)
    • Joystick + buttons + USB (90$)
    • Extra function keys
    • USB LED Controller
    • USB Trackball + LEDs
    • Light gun (EMS Topgun) (50$ per player)
  • 4TB Disk (100$ per player)
    • Medium/High computer (500$)
    • 80+ Emulated game consoles (many manhours)
  • 38″ LCD (250$)
  • Sound system (60$)
  • Artwork
    • Printing
    • Arcade front door
    • Ambient LEDs

This is the list I’m planning to make, as I advance in the project, guides will get added.


  • Introduction (current)
  • Design your own cabinet
  • Designing your control panel
  • Building your Cabinet
  • Hyperspin Setup
  • List of retro game consoles + recommended emulator
  • Artwork & Finishing touches

More to come…