Fix Common PS3 CFW Freezing or Lagging Problems


After installing CFW, you may experience some problems with your CFW not playing games, lagging or randomly freezing. This guide will make your CFW run as stable as possible.

General Problems
Access PS3's recovery menu
Restore Filesystem
Rebuild Database
Update Game Managers
Other solutions

2 thoughts on “Fix Common PS3 CFW Freezing or Lagging Problems

  1. This did not help me. Nobody can help me.
    How come every problem I have I find a solution that works for everyone else but me.
    When I’m at the home menu my PS3 starts to lag then it freezes

    • A lagging ps3 can have a lot of different causes, like software/hardware/age of hdd/ or even being too hot can make it lag, i have posted the most common causes/solutions. I’m sorry it did not fix your problem.

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