Silence your Lenovo IX4-300D’s Fans

The IX4’s fans are quite loud and always spinning the same speed whatever the temperature may be inside your NAS. In this guide, I will lower the fan speed and quieten your NAS. Make sure to test these settings thoroughly before applying them as setting the speed to low may cause your NAS to overheat during long operations.

Autoset fan speed on boot

Temperatures can be checked from the WebGui under “System Status”:


Fanspeed can be checked under the “Fan” tab:


3 thoughts on “Silence your Lenovo IX4-300D’s Fans

  1. While slowing the fan down is a nice idea, ideally it would follow the hard drive temperature. The system temperature isn’t terribly important, but keeping your spinning hard drives cool is:
    smartctl -a /dev/sda |grep 194\ Temperature

    194 Temperature_Celsius 0x0002 064 061 000 Old_age Always – 36 (Min/Max 10/39)

    In my IX4, with the fan running at 1610 RPM, my drives report they are at 36/36/35/36C.
    Some afternoon, I’ll hack out a 10 liner bash script that tracks the warmest of the drives unless someone beats me to it.

    • Hi Scott, did you get around to doing that bash script?

      Do we know what the command is to get the CPU temp?

      I’m thinking of croning a script to measure the temperatures and update the pwm1_auto_point1_pwm file if things get to hot.

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