Android DD-WRT Reboot Widget

DD-WRT Reboot Widget for Android, quick&easy reboot solution for your DD-WRT Router. DD-WRT reboot will send the reboot command to your DD-WRT router over SSH.

DD-WRT Guide
Setting up the app

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2 thoughts on “Android DD-WRT Reboot Widget

    • I can’t for the life of me get your widget to work. Tried everything I can think of. Could it be that my dd-wrt router is a setup to be a repeater that deployed to extend my current WiFi network? I tried port 22 and manually entered ports. I tried turning on SSH and rebooting normally to see if the changes weren’t sticking correctly. I enabled remote SSH management even though the walkthrough doesn’t mention that. I tried root and admin with my router login password. Nothing… =(

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