Android – Wifi ADB Connect Tool for Mac

Android – Wifi ADB Connect is an easy GUI for the Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) binary. The app allows for quick connect, disconnect or reconnect ADB server enabled Android devices. The app holds a list of recent history for faster reconnecting a device you were using in the past. The automatic ADB binary detection will assure a simple installation. Here you find a list of features, changelog, installation instructions and download links to get you up-and-running.

Install ADB Binary
Easy ADB Connect - features
Easy ADB Connect - Changelog
Easy ADB Connect - Download

Bugs or feature requests can be posted in the comments below.

Easy ADB Connect is only for Yosemite and up!

10 thoughts on “Android – Wifi ADB Connect Tool for Mac

  1. What about discovering available adb servers on same wifi network?
    It’s just 255 tips to check, even if there are no way to get broadcast response

  2. Not working . My mac and device are in same wifi network but i get message as unable to connect . Is there anything else i need to take care of ?

  3. Didn’t work for me. Adb is installed properly. Neither the app, nor connecting manually works. Connecting manually = “Connection refused”. Same error in app.

    • hmm sounds like a networking problem, are your laptop/phone all connected to the same network, is there any firewall in between? connecting phone and mac(book) to the same wifi network should fix most problems. also some android apps say they enable an adb server on your phone but your phone must (not sure) but rooted… is this the case?

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