NZBGet On Iomega/Lenovo IX4-300D NAS

NZBGet is a NZB downloader written in C++ and designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed by using very little system resources. In this guide i will explain how to install NZBGet on your IX4-300D.

Install NZBGet


Add NZBGet to the startup script
Change NZBGet default login
Add News-server

I am not responsible for failed installations breaking your NAS, this is the initial tutorial so leave comments below if you’re experiencing problems.

19 thoughts on “NZBGet On Iomega/Lenovo IX4-300D NAS

  1. Can You post a tutorial how to update it to version 14 or testing? I can only get version 12.

  2. I don’t know why but nzb get is not unpacking rar files. And I still didn’t manage to postprocess with sickrage. Can You please write more detailed tutorial how to configure nzbget (where to put post processinfg files) and how to make it work with sick rage and couch potato?

    • You can try “apt-get update nzbget” in your NAS console, if this does not update nzbget its not possible (unless you download and install the latest version manually)

  3. Steven, the code You have provaided for post processing isn’t working as the have moved to external scripts like nzbToMedia.
    Did You have any luck configuraiting it?

    • i’m stil using the provided script, i uploaded the script directly, some things may have gone wrong with copy&pasting the code from the website.

      • Can You write how to chose the script You provided?
        If it would be something wrong with copy&paste there would be error in logs. It looks like it simply doesn’t use it.

            • aha sorry, just looked it up.. quite interesting! xD, and it’s also for linux so i will probably have a guide in a week or two 🙂

            • Edit, sonarr will not run on the ix4-300d.. it will use too many resources since it needs to run in some sort of emulator because it’s not ARM compatible

  4. Hello,
    My ix4-300d stuck at 95% for the start.
    What do I do?
    Can you give me a hand?

        • does the webGUI come online, try factory reset here, you must have done something wrong modifying the startup script… if that doesnt work you can try doing a factory reset by Holding the RESET button for four seconds to return to factory defaults. And if that didnt work you may want to bring in your ix4-300d for warranty or you can try this guide :

          Could you also describe your last steps before your nas broke?

  5. I had issues with unpacking with this older nzbget release.
    But you can use the following steps to install the latest nzbget v16

    1. open ssh and follow the automatic installation steps from
    That means you wget the package with the long oneliner.

    2. Install it to /opt/share/nzbget
    sh –destdir /opt/share/nzbget

    3. edit the nzbget.conf to point to /mnt/pools/A/A0/downloads

    4. edit your boot scripts to point to /opt/share/nzbget/nzbget -D

    It works fine for me!

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