Install E3 NOR Flasher in PS3 Slim

The E3 NOR Flasher is a very easy tool to downgrade almost any PS3, however it still requires a lot of work, not as much work and risk of soldering over 60 wires directly onto your PS3’s data lines and NOR chip wich can only be done by professionals. In this guide I will show you how to install the Flasher in your PS3.

This guide will show you how to Temporary install the Flasher to downgrade your PS3, after the downgrade, the Flasher will be removed.

Check Compatebility
Taking Apart your PS3
Installing the E3 Flasher

10 thoughts on “Install E3 NOR Flasher in PS3 Slim

  1. Hello Steven

    I have tried installing the clip without extra pressure but it failed to read bios even though it was a new clip. I see people using a Glue Clamp. Do you think this will give better results?

    • i had to press it down while reading the NOR, pressure is important as the clip will not stay on the NOR chip itself.

    • you could try moving your hdd closer to the wall socket, this may fix your problem. srry i don’t understand your question

  2. Has anyone came across a problem with the bluray drive after this procedure my bluray stopped working need a fix

    • I removed the flasher from my ps3 as i needed it for downgrading other ps3’s but you can leave it in if you don’t need it anymore. leaving the flasher in your ps3 has many advantages: you can switch between official firmwware(online) and cfw..

      • yes you can. just make switches 1 and 2 are down, the rest have to be up. once you turn on ps3 you should see all blue leds light up. leave switch 3 up and the rest down and press the reset button on the flasher (right under blue leds) and within a few seconds you should see blue leds flashing back and forth confirming the system accepted your update

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