Preserve custom Servers after Iomega/Lenovo IX4-300d Update

Lenovo recently updated the firmware on their IX4-300d NAS due to hacker vulnerabilities. It’s recommended to update your NAS however we are using a custom startup script which will “break” after updating. In this guide I will explain how to update you NAS without losing custom server functionality.


Tested with all firmwares up to

Updating to firmwares from and up
Updating to firmwares up to

28 thoughts on “Preserve custom Servers after Iomega/Lenovo IX4-300d Update

        • Changelog:
          Atmos and Mozy Backup are no longer included as built-in LifeLine applications. seems like they deleted the mozy app, I will update mine soon and try to find a new way to enable servers again, thanks for letting me know.

          • I added it to last line. Rebooted and now it’s stuck at 70%. I can’t get it running. Kinda a brick right now. Not sure how I can undo the change since not booting up completely.

            • not smart of just trying to paste the line at the end, The warning messages in the post are not for decoration :s. The best solution probably is to bring it back for warranty and hope they fix it for you.

              • Let me know what you figure out. I am replacing this NAS anyways due to some other issues with it.

    • Yes; I have attached / called this HDD into Symantec BE2014 but after upgrade FW 4.1xxxxxx its not able to attach. Tried almost everything

  1. My replacement NAS is coming tomorrow. I was having issues anyways so glad they replaced it. It’s the Diskless version with firmware on chip. I am guessing can still hack this one for SABnzbd, Sick Beard and Couchpotatoe?

      • So my question is on the diskless version since firmware is on the eprom are you editing it or does it also put OS on drives and that was your really using/editing?

        • The firmware will probably run from the chip since you should be able to get in the webGUI without any disks installed. However if the webGUI is not the full firmware but only a “setup” firmware that copies the full firmware to the driven your firmware will still run from the drives… Let me know how they do it 🙂

  2. Steven I got the imager program to reimage my drives or might just switch the diskless version tonight when get home. I was hoping that the newest firmware would work but guessing no luck?

  3. So if boot the diskless version and access web interface tells you to add drives. So I put my drives in from bricked NAS and boots fine into older firmware. So now I can backup my files. Still not sure how all works as far as adding programs.

  4. Steven thx for the update, just to be clear, do I have to downgrade my firmware?
    Right now I’m on
    Or do I just have to add

    in level 1?

    • you don’t have to downgrade, i added a new guide “Updating to firmwares from and up”, this guide works for the new firmware

      • Yes it works, thx for that – sorry I didn’t updated my comment
        But I have problem with ipkg. I.m doing it right now and some times I have error 22 sometimes error 1 (different after nas restart)
        Plus maybe You can write a tutorial for NZB Drone?

        • i will try to find a solution for your problem, also i did not know NZBdrone but it seems like a very handy app… i’ll give it a try

          • Steven, if You need any testing please fell free to contact me directly via email and I will help as much as I can.

  5. thank you for this info however does the installing optware still work? my ix400-3d seems to never save the packages once i do it. Again thanks for the great tips! i’m running the latest firmware as of aug 1, 2014 v

    One thing i’m having an issue figuring out is how can i get Twonky to rebuild the video thumbnail cache. my 500+ movies no longers how the movie folder.jpg thumbnail art and i have yet been able to figure out RPC command or file to clear to get these to generate. Worked great prior to the firmware updates. TIA!

  6. Hi Steven

    Thanks for the great guide. With the help of these guides and others I found, I was able to get sabnzbd, sickrage and couchpatato installed on my ix4-300d, offloading it from my N5550. What I do miss is nzbdrone, which runs beautifully on my N5550. My goal is to have the ix4-300d do the heavy lifting and the N5550 act as my XBMC media center.

    Have you had a look at nzbdrone yet? It does have one vital prerequisite, mono (mono project), .net libraries.

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