Enable Hdd’s and Charging on apple keyboard

The apple Keyboard has 2 USB ports on the underside of the keyboard. When using these ports in windows, the power per USB port is limited. Due to this limitation, the ports on the keyboard are useless, even a USB-stick requires more power. Here is a guide on how to force windows to allow 500mA!

– Only use this guide for the Wired Apple keyboard.
– NEVER use more than 500mA!windowspowerexceedederror

before starting, it’s recommended to unplug all hubs and plug your keyboard directly in your computer. This will simplify this guide but it will work either way.

Charging on apple's keyboard USB hub


6 thoughts on “Enable Hdd’s and Charging on apple keyboard

  1. Sorry, Rauf. Could you please tell me exactly what you’ve done? I was running the latest version of Windows 10 until a week ago and everything was ok, then I updated Windows and now my Apple Keyboard HUB power turned back to 20mAh and I followed all the steps of this guide.

  2. hello, were are the apple keyboard drivers for azerty thjat used to be available here?

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